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Asheville Farmstead School is a non-profit outdoor farm-based school designed to teach homesteading, natural sciences, life skills, sustainability, and agriculture to children and families. The goal of Asheville Farmstead is to connect students to an increased awareness of the natural world, the complexities of agriculture and the interrelations of living communities. We serve preschool youth, summer campers, schools, groups and nature-loving families.

Sprouts  (Sept-May)   
Ages 2-5
Monday-Thursday                    8:30am-12:30pm
    Our Sprouts program teaches the littlest learners how to engage the world around them. 

Free-Play Fridays (Sept-May)      Ages 2-18
Fridays                                       9am-12noon
    Our drop-in day is designed to encourage exploration, loosely-structured social time and fun in nature.

Large Groups & Science for Schools    All Ages     Fridays
    Bring your whole class, scout troop or other community for a program tailored to your interests and needs.

Up Coming Events
Family Discovery Days are always a good time. Enjoy a day in nature with the whole family. The next one is Saturday, July 15 and the theme is Critters!

We are currently in our summer season here at the Farmstead, and that means a nature based camp each week! Camp is a wonderful opportunity for students ages 3-17 to come learn about their natural worlds and spend some quality time in the wild of Western N.C. If you are interested in enrolling your student in one of our summer camps take a look at our Camp Farmstead page for more information.

Another great way to keep in touch with what is happening here at the Farmstead is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter!

Like many organizations, we have our own language at Asheville Farmstead. Instead of running classes on semester terms, we call them "Seasons" because they line up with nature's four quarters. Additionally, we divide each day between the "Field" and the "Forest." Learn more about our seasons and daily routine here.