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posted Nov 6, 2016, 4:41 PM by Jessica Potter-Bowers
Each week we receive little nuggets of support that push our farm school along. Every one is meaningful, from the word-of-mouth marketing to our solicited donations. Last week, our ROSE was our impromptu Halloween picnic, which not only had new and old families in attendance but was picked up for a photograph in the Citizen-Times! It was a fun-filled day, capped off by the most epic leaf-pile play. 

Our chickens have really taken to free-ranging, even up into the forest and on our kitchen windowsill. They were a THORN in our sides this week when they discovered the pallet garden and the herbs in pots. They ate some kale seedlings (yummy, I know) and continuously pulled out a rosemary plant that we finally gave up on. Those eggs better be so delicious!

Speaking of chickens, one of them starting "announcing" for our BUD this week! She is practicing for when she does become an egg-layer (in a month or so!). Announcing calls predators away from the defenseless egg and toward the hen. This mama-in-training climbed up high on her perch to announce to anyone who can hear! It was a teaser for what's to come.