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Nature Rich

posted Sep 23, 2016, 5:23 PM by Jessica Potter-Bowers
ROSE: The highlight of our week has been two-fold. We have watched two students in our Sprouts program develop a friendship that melts our hearts each day. They are tender and silly with each, both patient and loving, even though they are miles apart developmentally. After another day of ridiculous cuteness, we attended Richard Louv's speech at the EENC Conference where he talked about making "nature rich" learning spaces. Our daily lives are rich in nature, in childhood discovery and in friendship. More about Nature Rich as it seeps into our consciousness.

THORN: On Tuesday, while playing an innocent game of Camouflage, one of our poor students hid himself in a yellow jacket nest. He was stung over 10 times and two other students were also stung. We regrouped inside and debriefed together, with no medical issues as a result. But it certainly was scary and felt so unfair for our little girls and boys.

BUD: Looking forward, we are honored to be presenting this weekend at the annual EENC Conference in Black Mountain. We'll be rubbing elbows with other environmental educators and spreading some of the good work we do around the state. Our session will be interactive, diverse and (most importantly) outdoors. Richard Louv even mentioned that North Carolina is one of the premiere places for nature education in the country - thanks to our committed community of nature nerds