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Rose, Bud, Thorn

posted Jul 15, 2016, 8:16 PM by Jessica Potter-Bowers
Every day (well, most days) we ask the students to share their rose, bud and thorn -- their favorite part of the day, thing they are looking forward to and worst part of the day. In the spirit of reflection, we aim to share our weekly Rose, Bud and Thorn on the blog. Here goes nothing.

This week's rose was certainly empowering our all-girl crew of campers to learn about building. They helped us work on the chicken coop and were so inspired by their success that they built a boardwalk for a section of the creek and then installed it. They worked hard to steward a little section of our forest and really made it their own. These girls left a lasting impact on us and on our watershed.

The thorn was probably a combination of the excessive rain which is wreaking havoc on our driveway and the fact that today's storm blew a tree down across our drive! Our kind and helpful neighbor cleaned it up and got us out, but the reality of falling trees in wet weather is a thorn in our sisterly sides.

Looking forward, we are excited about tomorrow's Family Discovery Day. It seems that we'll have an even better attendance than last month and we're really looking forward to talking about birds. We taught our bird language lesson to two different groups this week, and it'll be great to try it out on some adults too. If you can't make it tomorrow, think about joining us for next month's Family Discovery Day: Saturday, August 13.