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This is the Season...Turn, Turn, Turn

posted Oct 30, 2016, 7:47 PM by Jessica Potter-Bowers
Rose? Leaves. Thorn? Leaves. Bud? Leaves!

Just kidding. Fall is here and the leaves are so beautiful out at the Farmstead. The air is crisp and it smells like fall. But there's lots more going on besides the season...

This week's Rose was making progress on the Winter Garden and new Permaculture Labyrinth lay-out of our garden. We raked leaves onto the beds, set out cardboard and landscaping fabric to kill the grass and weeds, and we laid out burlap sacks where the paths will be. It's certainly still in its infancy but I see it all in my minds eye!

The Thorn was adjusting to the early morning cold. Our little Sprouts have to bundle up and keep their bodies moving to stay warm. More of this to come through Winter and we're committed to keeping these kiddos outside.

Our weekly Bud is that we have more kiddos registered for classes! A new Sprout starts next week and we have several Explorers registering for next semester. There's still room for you! Check out our Programs and Register online!