The Seasons

Summer season campers will enjoy week-long camps developed around a natural theme. In the field, we'll be working hard to weed, water, thin, harvest and EAT! In the forest, we will discover how plants spread their seeds, learn about photosynthesis, and start to truly appreciate water.

Autumn brings big changes in nature. In the field, visitors will reap the bounty of summer and begin the process of putting the garden to bed. In the forest, leaves will change color and drop off, animals will finish storing winter food and both light and temperature will begin to drop dramatically.

Winter is an amazing time to be a naturalist. In the field, we will overwinter some crops and work diligently to protect them from frost. We will also start planning for next year's garden as a community. In the forest, we will learn how to identify plants without leaves, track animal movement, and understand the physics of heat and cold.

Spring is a time of new beginnings for plants, animals and students. In the field, the beds will be turned and planted with new seeds and starts. In the forest, we'll search for the first leaves and flowers, and learn about plant reproduction.