Afternoon Explorers
Afternoon Explorers - please excuse our mess, we are working to update this page!

The Afternoon Explorers program at Asheville Farmstead is designed for students who are potty trained to 8 years of age (those who are very close to turning 9, still may be able to enroll, please contact for more information). The program strives to engage the whole child, and hopes to be more open to older students who are finished with school by mid-day. Each day the children will be exposed to free-play; moving around through the garden, our pine-play area, and forest. Afternoon Explorers is all about getting into the natural world and playing outside. We hope to have this be for both preschoolers, homeschoolers, and to serve as a form of after school care that is all about playing outside in nature.  At Afternoon Explorers are encouraged to use their imagination, engage with the natural world, and experience life outside.  

Afternoon Explorers meets for three hours in the in the afternoon four days a week (Monday through Thursday).  Afternoon Explorers can attend the program Monday through Thursday for one, two, or three days a week depending on family preference and space availability. The Afternoon Explorers program runs in seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring. A commitment is needed for a whole season, though you can pay weekly or monthly for each season, Up to 12 students can attend the Afternoon Explorers program on any particular day. Two educators are always actively involved in the program and available on site for individual needs.

Daily Cycle: 
12:35-1:00 Arrival
, greet friends, and free-play 
1:00-1:15 Circle Time
Spaces for play, activities for the day
1:15-2:00 School Yard Play 
Trampoline, circle play, pine-play area, slides
2:00-3:00 Forest or Field Free-Play 
3:00-3:15 Closing Circle
3:15-3:30 See you Later
Free-Play, sign out, till next time