• Frank Andrews

Frank's Phenomenon March 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing alright during these times of social distancing. I am lucky enough to have an amazing roommate so I'm not all on my own. We have been trying to keep ourselves busy enjoying our yard and getting into some relaxing yoga. Instead of the usual phenomenon talk I'm going to be sharing an activity I found through NSTA. It explores the concepts around changes in temperature of different material when exposed to sunlight. You will need six cups or jars and three materials to compare. Fill two jars with water, two with small rocks, and two with dirt. Try to make sure the dirt is dry before you begin. You will place three jars in the sun and three in the shade. You can draw a sun on one of each pair of jars and a cloud on the second of each pair. Ask your student what they think will happen when you place the three jars in the sunlight. Will the get warmer or colder? Will they all change in the same way? Which one will get the warmest or coolest? Record these predictions on a piece of paper. Have you student place the three sun jars somewhere in the sun all together where they will get sunlight for the next 1-2 hours. Then ask your student to place the three cloud jars somewhere outside where they will be in the shade. After 1-2 hours move all of the jars to a place where you can make observations. Have your student feel the materials to see what happened to their temperature and compare them to the jars that have been sitting in the shade. Did they get warmer? Which one got the warmest? Some materials get warmer faster in sunlight, especially if they are dark in color. Water takes a lot of energy to change temperature so it probably didn't change very much. Save your set up for the next activity I will share which will be about creating shade over your materials to see how that affects the temperature of the material.

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