• Frank Andrews

Frank's Phenomenon June 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are continuing to do well. We have been busy at the Farmstead getting it ready for the summer session. One of the main tasks has been caring for the numerous garden beds around the property. To do that we have to provide certain materials so that the plants have certain environments to live in. Different plants like different conditions and making sure you are meeting your plants’ needs can be tricky. 

Experimental Plants

Setting up an experiment is a great way to find out what kinds of conditions work best for a particular plant while practicing some of the skills involved in scientific inquiry. You will need four containers and some sand, some gravel, some clay, and some dirt. Fill each container with a different growing medium. Plant 3-4 seeds of a single type of plant that has quick growth such as: cress, beans, clover, or grass. Have your student make predictions on what they think will happen in each container. What would make that a good place for a seed? What might make it hard for a seed to grow there? Leave the seeds out where they can get some light. When you water them, make sure to water them all the same amount. Try finding a small cup that holds how much you would water one plant. Refill that cup to water the rest and you will know they all got the same amount. Check on your seeds everyday and record observations. When did you see the first sprouts? The first full leaves? Measure the height of the plants each day. Were your predictions correct? Why do you think the plants grew differently in each medium?

To extend the learning, use the same setup, but this time change some other variables, like the amount of light, light, and air.

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Lauren Brown has her M. Ed. in Science Education, keeps her Wilderness First Responder certification current, is certified in the Cedarsong way of Forest Kindergarten teaching as well as a certificate in Environment, Education, and Community.  She has been passionately pursuing the Farmstead dream full time since May 2016!

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