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Garden Guru June 2020

C. Michelle Gualandi

Howdy friends and Farmstead Families! Ms. Michelle with some Rainbow Ridge Garden updates for you!

The Enka-Candler Tailgate Market started up with a bang the first week of May. First off it has been so great to see some of our families visit us at the market. I enjoyed getting some hellos and smiles from you kiddos (and parents too!). If you haven’t visited the market yet, please try. We’re directly across the street from Ingles on Sandhill Road, in the AB Tech Small Business parking lot every Thursday from 3:30 until 6:30pm. It is a great place to support some amazing farmers, makers, bakers and crafters in our community. If you see Ms. Heather give her a long distance high five. She works so hard making the Tailgate Market a success.

We have been selling out of our fresh, pasture raised eggs and still have a few organic plant starts available for your summer vegetable garden. We will have Sugar Snap Peas, Carrots and Beets in the next few weeks.

I have had a blast getting the garden ready for the season. Get ready for tomatoes, beans, peppers, chilis, tomatillos and so much more! I love flowers so a big addition to the garden will hopefully be cut flowers for bouquets. We have sunflowers, celosia, zinnias, dahlias, cosmos and lots more beautiful blooms waiting to grow for all the pollinators and your enjoyment as cut flowers, at the market!

We also welcomed a new Rooster to our flock of chickens, Ragnar! My son decided to let our “extra” rooster come live at the farmstead to protect the flock. He is about 2 years old and is a Buff Brahma cross. He is a handsome, sweet, easy going boy and is absolutely loving his new found home. Next time you’re able to visit, look out for him and say hello! The ladies accepted him into their home and all are happily roaming the field eagerly awaiting the chorus of laughter our sweet kiddos will bring.I am looking forward to seeing you all again soon! Peace, love, worms and dirty fingernails - Garden on my friends!

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