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Ms. J's Place May 2020

Updated: Jun 12

My oh my, how things have changed! April was a tough month for most, with new challenges, priorities, and rhythms. I feel like I’m back in graduate school with all of the hours I have been spending on my computer this month refining lesson plans, creating social media content, and planning for Camp Farmstead! However, I also feel extremely blessed to be healthy and have work and income I can count on! One thing that has been extremely helpful for me during this time is taking “Brain Breaks,” little 5-10 minute breaks to move my body, get some fresh air, or do a puzzle. These are a tool that many classrooms use, and have been shown to increase focus and productivity while you’re working in one place for several hours. I’d like to share with you one of my favorite “Brain Breaks” that is super simple, requires no set-up, and can be adapted to use with any age. Enjoy!

“Ten In Ten”

First, select the zone for play; this could be your yard, a park, or even a room or two indoors.

Next, select the prompt. The original prompt for this game is “Find 10 interesting things in the forest (yard, room, etc.) and use them to build something in 10 minutes.” However, there are literally endless possibilities for creative prompts! Some other ideas are: “Find 10 things that feel smooth” “Find 10 things that you cannot identify/name” “Find 10 things that are yellow” “Find 10 things and use them to spell your name”

Then start the timer for 10 minutes and away you go! Have fun exploring!

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