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Ms. J's Place April 2020

March was definitely a unique month here at the Farmstead! With school being closed in mid March, we only got two weeks of classes during the month. But we made the most of them and had a great time learning about simple machines and using them to help get our growing spaces ready for the season! This month we celebrated the Worm Moon, the time when the ground becomes warmer and we start to see all sorts of life start to “awaken”, our emotion theme of the month. It's really interesting to consider that word, awaken, at a time like this. I feel like there are many things that the COVID-19 crises is “awakening” in our collective human consciousness that will ultimately benefit us all. For example, the need to take care of each other, especially those who are most vulnerable. Never before have I seen so many people reaching out and asking to help others, including strangers. It's absolutely inspiring and helps me know that we are going to find ourselves on the other side of this as a stronger, more cooperative community. I also believe that this time is going to awaken a local food revolution! With grocery stores selling out of basic food staples, people are going to realize how important it is to support local farmers, grow their own food, and learn how to preserve summer’s bounty. I am so proud to work at a place where we are already practicing, teaching, and sharing these skills with our community as well as the next generation. At Home Activity: Tree Flower Hunt! I’ve noticed that a lot of people tend to think of plants mostly in terms of their most well known feature, i.e. trees make leaves, tomatoes make fruits, tulips make flowers. Often we don’t pay any attention to the other parts of the plant! In this activity you will focus on the flowers of trees, many of which are so small and fleeting that they go completely unnoticed! For this activity, grab some paper, a pencil, and a rainbow of crayons. Take a walk in your neighborhood and stop to investigate each and every tree you see. Look closely at the branches. Do you see buds? Do you see flowers? Leaves? Draw what you see, and name the tree if you can! Keep looking. How many types of tree flowers can you find? Bonus Challenge: Can you find the same trees Ms.J found? See pictures below!

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Lauren Brown has her M. Ed. in Science Education, keeps her Wilderness First Responder certification current, is certified in the Cedarsong way of Forest Kindergarten teaching as well as a certificate in Environment, Education, and Community.  She has been passionately pursuing the Farmstead dream full time since May 2016!

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