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Ms. J's Place June 2020

Updated: Jun 10

Another month has passed as we anxiously await our students’ return to the Farmstead and the beginning of Camp Farmstead in July. This month has been full of garden and property projects abound the Farmstead, and the place is looking amazing! I can’t wait to show our community all of the new play zones, flower beds, and the new painting on the platform! We have planted several hundred flower seedlings around the property, and once they start blooming it is going to be a rainbow paradise! This month I want to share with you a quick and easy activity that is a new twist on an old classic:

The Wildflower Threading Board

Everyone loves to get out and pick wildflowers, and it is a great way to engage with nature and notice the beauty that surrounds you. For this activity you’ll need some cardboard, scissors, a pencil (or similar pointed object), and a patch of wildflowers. First, cut a piece of cardboard into your favorite shape. It can be any size, but I usually make mine around 5x5 inches. Next, poke holes in the cardboard about an inch or so apart with the pencil. Now pick the wildflowers, leaving a few inches of stem attached, and insert one stem into each of the holes. Continue until each hole has been filled and the cardboard is completely covered with flowers. Isn’t it lovely? Display your beautiful creation for a few days, and then simply toss the whole thing in the compost and make another! I hope you enjoy this new way to engage with wildflowers!

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