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A number of items on our wish list are books that are tied to Moon Club which is a part of our Littlest Learners program.  It also contains other items that will enhance student learning and nature engagement.

Rainbow Ridge Gardens / Property Maintenance

Rainbow Ridge Garden

  • Wooden Hand Tools

    • Shovel​

    • Rake

    • Weeding knife

  • Seeds

    • Kids Seed Company​

    • Sow True Seeds

  • Burn Barrel

  • Galvanized Steel Trash Cans

  • Vermiculture set-up (worm compost bin)

  • Soil/Compost

    • Asheville Mulch Yard​

  • ​Dripline Irrigation (Dripworks so it is compatible with what we already have)​


Property Maintenance ​

  • 3/4 inch gravel

  • Tree work

    • Ben's Tree Service​

  • Chiansaw work hours to help clean up our last sustainability project​

  • 2 stroke oil

  • ECHO attachements

    • Power Pruner ​

    • Brushcutter

    • Blower

    • Cultivator

  • John Deere D-120

    • mower blades​

    • mower belts

    • oil and filter

Outdoor Classroom

  • Microscopes - Simple and Compound

  • Loomy Loops

  • Compasses

  • Scales (balance and spring)

  • Water quality test kit

  • Nets for macroinvertibrate investigations

  • Rain gear from

  • Children sized Bog boots

  • Rain Barrels

  • Picinc Table: one large or two small

  • Cowboy Kitchen

  • Wool Blankets

  • Swing Set

  • Tree house

  • Tree Weave

Help us build a gear closet so families can rent from us at a much lower cost then purchasing gear!

Our students range in size from 3T - 5T

  • Rain gear (Polarn O. Pyret, REI)

  • Children sized Bog boots

  • Gloves (Polarn O. Pyret, REI)

    • Fleece, snow, waterproof 

  • Hats (Polarn O. Pyret, REI)

    • Warm (fleece, wool), waterproof​

  • Fleece Pants (REI, Columbia)

  • Fleece Jackets 

  • REI, Columbia)

  • Wool Socks (smart wool, darn tough, REI)

  • Long underwear

Our students range in size from 10 through size 2

  • Children sized Bog boots

  • Children Crocs

 Non Sized Gear

  • Backpacks

  • non-leaking water bottoles

Asheville Farmstead School's

 Executive Director and Lead Teacher

Lauren Brown has her M. Ed. in Science Education, keeps her Wilderness First Responder certification current, is certified in the Cedarsong way of Forest Kindergarten teaching as well as a certificate in Environment, Education, and Community.  She has been passionately pursuing the Farmstead dream full time since May 2016!

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